Everything You Need to Know About Lessons

At Richard's Music we offer professional instruction for electric and acoustic guitar, electric and double bass, dobro, and lap steel.  Our instructors can teach in a wide variety of genres, from basic rock to jazz to metal, and beyond. 

Prices and Scheduling

Lessons are held at Richardís Music in one of our lesson rooms. They are either 30 minutes or an hour in length.  Scheduling is done through the teachers. You can get to know about our different instructors from their bios below. If you are interested in taking lessons with one of them, contact them at the phone number provided.

30 minute lessons     $70/month

1 hour lessons          $140/month

Payment for a monthís worth of lessons is due at the first lesson of that month.

Adrian Rees

Adrian Rees, originally a student of John Bell, has been playing in bands and performing for over 18 years.  He is a full time instructor at Richardís Music.  He has been teaching guitar and bass since 2005 and specializes in rock and blues, but is fully versed in classic rock, indie, alternative, and metal.  Adrian teaches all ages of students, beginner to advanced.

Contact @ 785 727 8621


John Bell 

John Bell is Richard's original guitar teacher. He has been giving guitar lessons at Richard's since 1973 and teaches guitar, bass, lap steel (slide) guitar. John has pioneered a teaching style that moves students away from music books and sight reading, and into playing by ear with songs that they have chosen. Students love this method as they get to choose the material that they will learn. In addition to his guitar teaching career, he has been a professional musician for over 30 years.

Contact @ 785 760 7014


Chris Shaw

Chris has been playing bass and guitar for over 18 years.  He earned a BA in music from KU and has taught guitar and bass professionally for the past 10 years.  His bands/projects include Hi-Dive, Floyd the Barber, Billy Ebeling and the Late for Dinner Band, and Sunu.  Chris is comfortable teaching students of any level on guitar, electric bass, and double bass.

Contact @ 785 248 9531    

Cancellation Policy

Lessons primarily take place on evenings and weekends, which can sometimes make scheduling a challenge.  We try hard to accommodate everyoneís busy schedule and to give as many lessons as possible.  Please give our teachers at least 24 hours of notice in order to cancel a lesson.  Students will be charged for lessons canceled with less than 24 hours notice.  We understand one cannot plan for everything so exeptions are given for emergencies.

Rock Camp

While private lessons offer a student vital instruction and guidance they do not provide the full experience that is gained from playing with a group of musicians in a band.  For this reason we have created Rock Camp.  In this program students are organized into bands and given material to learn and rehearse for a concert that is held at the end of camp.  Our goal is to not only give students the experience of performing a live show but to teach them how to organize a band or project of their own.  This program is open to students of all ages.  If you are interested just ask us for more information on the next Rock Camp.