Highlights of Used Gear at Richards

While not nearly an exhaustive list of our used inventory, here are a few stand-out items for your attention.

Sorry we do not have the capability to ship instruments. If you're interested, please come in!

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  Knight M# 93 Tube Head

An old tube PA head converted into a screaming 30w guitar head.

$325.00 + tax

  Musicman Hd 130 410 
130 watt tube 4x10 combo
New tubes and recently serviced
Leo did us all a favor again helping design another amazing amp!



  Davis M# 106
Modified vintage tube pa head for guitar or harp players
Pair of el84 output tubes 15 watt
Amazing gain and tone.
Don't let the size fool you this thing looks and sounds awesome!!



1960s Guild Thunderbass

Super cool vintage tube amp! 50w powered by EL34s.  It comes with a matching and great-looking 2x12" speaker cab with the original speakers.  Fully restored and in great working condition.  It has a nice warm, punchy sound, not unlike a 50w Bassman.

$1000 + tax (consigned)



  Fender Silverface Champ  (1976)
6 watt tube combo amp w/ original speaker
This is a clean little machine! Great bedroom rocker and recording amp.